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Beautifully designed lower basement


Get Basement Lowering Services in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island

Do you want to transform your crawlspace or a low-ceiling storage-cum-basement into a fully livable space that adds significant square footage to your home? Our comprehensive foundation replacement and basement lowering services in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island can help you achieve this goal. Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd. can help lower your basement floor and add height and dimensions to an otherwise poor layout.

When we underpin and dig out your basement, you can trust our decades of experience to carefully execute every aspect of your project, involving the extension of foundation walls to increasing basement height. We provide you with a finished walkout basement shell that is waterproof, equipped with a new weeping system and new drains - ready to undergo the intended transformation. Connect with us for expert recommendations and get your project started today.

Lowered basement for wine storage

Benefits of Lowered Basements

Underpinning your basement elevates its overall height and uncovers many benefits for you and your home. You will enjoy a dry basement equipped with its own waterproofing system. Since you have an expanded, well-configured space, you also have the flexibility to transform your basement into rental units, entertainment spaces, or anything that suits you. As a result, a full-height basement proves to be a great addition to your home’s value.

With our basement underpinning solution, you can also add a walkout entrance to your new basement space. This new access point will give your potential tenants a separate entrance and allow natural light into the space. It can also serve as an alternative fire/emergency exit.

Improve Your Basement Use

Underpinning can help you gain the much-needed square footage in a limited space.

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