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New residential construction home framing with basement view


Structure Replacement and Reinforcement Services
in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island

The well-being of your post and beam system is important for your property’s structural integrity. However, posts and beam systems can deteriorate over time, resulting in foundation problems. Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd. is your reliable source for professional structure replacement and reinforcement in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island.

In most old properties, main floor beams under the basement ceiling can lose strength and require too many support posts to maintain your structure, disturbing the basement layout. Our structure reinforcement solution replaces main floor beams that require fewer posts. We can put these support posts at locations you like to better layout your basement. Give us a call to discuss your post and beam replacement needs with our professionals.

Beam built home under construction with wooden truss, post and beam framework

Post and Beam Replacement to Resolve Structural Problems

Damp basement and crawl spaces can lead to major structural problems arising from damaged or rotting support beams and columns. Deformed floors and mould growth or fissures in walls and ceilings are common symptoms of compromised structures. The only way to restore structural strength is by replacing beams and columns in your basement and crawl spaces. In most cases, this job is carried out along with foundation repair to restore your property completely.

Building Structure Reinforcement

Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd. allows home and business owners to elevate the structural integrity of their properties and expand or improve their interior living spaces by installing posts and steel beams. This type of renovation not only reinforces the structure of your property but also adds to its value and safety.

We offer a full-scale building structure reinforcement solution in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island. Our team can replace rotting, damaged beams and posts, as well as install additional supports as necessary. With over 15 years of experience, we provide one guaranteed price and deliver unrivalled quality solutions.

Interior view of a basement under construction home framing beam

Have Sinking or Heaving Floors?

Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd. can replace and reinforce your post and beam system to restore your property’s structural integrity.

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