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Excavator is digging a house foundation in a residential area


Basement Dig-Outs and Excavation Solutions in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island

Have your family needs outgrown your home's current living space? Or your property’s foundation has begun to settle? Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd. helps homeowners address such issues and reclaim basement space or crawlspace through basement dig-outs and excavation in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Crawlspace reclamation presents a low-cost option for maximizing space and elevating property value. For a fraction of the cost of buying a laneway house, you can add a basement instead and yield a much higher return on your investment (up to 5x). You can also create a rental suite in your existing space. Our excavators have the experience and expertise to see through basement excavation of any scope and help you realize your dream space ideas. Reach out to us for more information.

A family house is being rebuilt with the help of an excavator

How It Works?

Foundation underpinning is a critical part of basement dig-out projects. Underpinning lays a solid foundation below ground level to support and reinforce the building structure. Once it is done along the house's perimeter, we will dig out the basement from the center and install either an internal or external drainage system. Our general excavating work can accommodate your new construction project or help address replacement requirements related to a storm sewer, sanitary sewer or new water lines. Our team also undertakes driveway dig-outs as may be required.

Ensuring Compliance with Floor Space Ratio

All crawlspace reclamation projects are regulated by Floor Space Ratio - a section under the City of Vancouver Zoning and Development By-law. Section 4.7.1 item (e)(ii) for Floor Space Ratio caps the maximum floor space ratio at 0.75 for all floor areas, above or below finished grade, post a basement or cellar addition. In addition to this, no floor area can have a floor space ratio of over 0.25, and no part of the basement can be elevated beyond the first story’s perimeter.

For further clarity, we welcome you to connect with our team to assess your basement renovation project and ensure that every aspect of its design is code-compliant.

Concrete construction of basement of large building

Do More with Your Basement

If you have a basement that you are not happy with, our basement dig-outs and excavation can help you maximize your space and use.

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