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Water protection with drainage around house


Complete Perimeter Drainage Services in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island

A perimeter drain is designed to protect your foundation walls by carrying away the water accumulated due to heavy rain or rising groundwater. Wet, leaky basement or flooding indicates problems with your drainage systems. Other less obvious signs include cracks in the foundation, a rusty drywall screw, or baseboards covered in mould growth. In either case, don’t wait to avail of the expert perimeter drainage services in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island by Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd.

Whether it is internal breakages, major failures, or blockages of pipes, our experienced technicians can handle all types of drainage problems in homes. We inspect the gravity or sump pump drainage system to determine if the problem can be resolved by localized repair or if your home would need a complete drainage system replacement. Call to discuss your drain concerns with us.

Man using camera to inspect drainage issue

Choose Us for Complete Drainage Maintenance

Over the years, we have serviced different home drain systems working on gravity or sump pumps. Equipped with the latest inspection, clearing, and maintenance equipment, we can provide a wide range of drainage solutions, including:

  • Video camera inspection 

  • Drainage repair and maintenance

  • Perimeter drainage repair and replacement 

  • Drainage replacement for old homes

  • Lawn drains 

  • Sump systems and catch basins

Drainage Replacement for Old Homes

We perform full-scale perimeter drainage replacement when lowering or raising the basement or replacing the entire foundation. Often, homes built decades ago need to replace their outdated drainage with the latest models. That’s why our technicians are familiar with these drain types:

Clay Drainage - Often found in homes built before the 1980s, these drainage systems are likely to be brittle, cracked, and susceptible to root infiltration. As a result, clay drainage becomes difficult to clean out or flush unless replaced.

Big-O Drainage – A popular choice between the 1980-90s, Big-O Drainage lacks thickness, making the system weak and susceptible to root infiltration. At times, it can be impossible to clean or flush unless the system is completely replaced.

PVC Drainage – Solid or perforated PVC pipes are used today to repair or replace drainage systems. PVC pipes are durable, easy to connect, and even easier to maintain (damaged sections can be easily replaced), thanks to their straightforward design.

Replacement of PVC sewer pipe line

Schedule Your Drain Inspection

A seemingly small drainage issue can cause large-scale damage or disruption. Let us help you keep your drain problems at bay.

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