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Front view of house lifting


Reliable House Lifting and Raising in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island

Have an uncomfortably low basement or a crawlspace vulnerable to flooding? Or perhaps you are looking for an economical way to add more livable space to your home. At Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd., we accommodate diverse house lifting and raising requests in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island. We maintain our own structural lifting equipment and are ready to shore up any property, building type, or size.

More often than not, house lifting is a better alternative to remedying space constraints, preventing water damage, ensuring safety against storm damage, and so on. We undertake structural lifting for homeowners and general contractors as well as for commercial and industrial projects. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with an estimate - hence we welcome you to connect with us over the phone.

White residential house lifted with help of wooden beams

Why House Lifting Can Be a Better Option?

Structural lifting is a major undertaking and an important investment in your property. Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd. ensures that your property is treated with utmost care and gets a successful lift-off the first time!

  • Create more space
    Adding an extension is not always viable due to reasons related to high cost, limited space, or personal preference for keeping the outdoor space intact. Instead of extending your property or moving out, consider moving up. Raising your house can allow you to add a new floor, create a taller or deeper basement by raising the floor-to-ceiling height, or even add a full new basement. 

  • Prevent water damage
    Many old homes are established at a critically low point where water accumulates and causes foundation damage. A structural lift is a perfect way to mitigate flood risk and even recover flooded properties. This mitigation technique also safeguards your property against the future increase in sea level and the risk of a flood disaster.

  • Perform structural repairs and renovations
    House raising is an integral step in performing foundation and structural work. We can collaborate with your general or renovation contractors to hold the building at an elevated level so that your contractors can:

  • Remove and replace the foundation from underneath

  • Replace rotten posts, beams, walls, and other structural components

  • Resolve settlement and levelling problems

  • Address drainage issues

Front view of residential area with house being lifted

Discuss Your Project

Our house lifting professionals are committed to safeguarding and increasing the value of your largest investment.

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