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Interior view of basement


Get a Full-height Basement for Your Home in
Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island

When homeowners want to double their square footage and create more space, a basement upgrade is often the smartest solution. You can get a full-height basement in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island by either lowering the floors to create a deeper basement or raising the ceiling to create a taller basement. You can even do a little of both to achieve your desired basement living space.

Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd. extends our services to homeowners and general contractors looking to build their basements. Our full-height basement solutions give you additional living areas at a bargain price and contribute to a strong, stable house. In every project, we follow all residential building codes and ensure to give you the right basement height you desire. Let’s get your project started today.

Interior of taller basement

Taller vs Deeper Basements

Essentially, there are two ways to add height to your existing basement - elevate your basement ceiling or lower the floor. Both the methods require engineering expertise and permits. At Built-Rite Structural Services Ltd., we help homeowners consider budget, desired effect, and structural integrity to make an informed decision.

To achieve a taller basement, the main floor and roofline are permanently lifted. This involves employing specialized house lifting techniques. The old floor slab will be elevated roughly by the same height as the new basement slab, but the house above will be higher.

The process of achieving a deeper basement is the opposite, wherein the main floor in the roofline is not lifted, but the basement floor gets excavated to add depth (or height) to your basement. The result: you will have a full-height basement, but it will be set deeper into the ground.

For most homes, a third option proves to be favourable wherein both the techniques are applied. A well-proportioned combination of a taller and deeper basement can also help you get the desired basement height.

Plan Your Basement Upgrade

Build the basement living area of your dreams with our customized full-height basement solutions.

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